Why do women choose AT&T?

March 07, 2014
By Sarah Donohue, AT&T Insider Staff Writer

In 2010, as 20-year old Chelsea Secker walked off the stage in College Station, Texas — diploma in hand — with a B.S. degree in technology management from Texas A&M University, she’d already been approached by dozens of companies trying to hire her, particularly technology companie

Amazon, McAfee, Texas Instruments and HP had all come calling.

But Chelsea already knew where she was going: AT&T

“Anyone with a STEM degree (science, technology, engineering, math) – especially women — had lots of choices,” she said. “One of my main reasons for selecting AT&T was the elite training opportunities here. In the past four years, I’ve been able to complete certifications in cloud computing, iOS development, Six Sigma and Agile methodologies at no cost to me.”

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s worth pausing to reflect not only on the impact AT&T women have had on millions across the globe for more than a century, but on the role they play today, the role they’ll play in our future – and why AT&T is truly a great place to work for women.

Women like Rachel Simon, vice president of Shared Services, who describes working here as “living my dream” because she’s fulfilled as an employee and as a mother. “I always knew I wanted to work, and I wanted to be a mom,” she explained. “I wear it as a badge of honor that I’m a working mom. My office is decorated floor to ceiling with pictures my children draw me.

And women like Carmen Nava, senior vice president of Customer Experience in Home Solutions, who sees the opportunity to travel as one of the many benefits of working at AT&T. When she and her husband made the decision to relocate the family from California to Texas to pursue a new opportunity, people “thought we were crazy.”

“They said, ‘You have this perfect life. Why would you want to give it all up?’ The way we looked at it was very different. We said, ‘Our lives are going to become even fuller.’ Wherever we’ve gone, we’ve been able to meet incredible people … expose our daughter to different parts of the country … and now she’s grown up in a much bigger world than the one I grew up in.”

Growing with the company

Laura Ramirez, who’s gone from the frontline to an administrative assistant position to an associate project manager in less than two years, values our company’s diversity. “I absolutely love working for AT&T. We’re a gender-balanced company that recognizes potential in all employees. AT&T invests time and resources to help create future leaders of every race, culture or gender. As we continue to evolve, I’ll grow right along with the company.”

For every Chelsea, Rachel, Carmen and Laura, there are thousands of others just like them. They’re in our call centers, garages, offices and retail stores. They’re in our communities and our boardrooms. And no matter their level, they know that at AT&T, they can be — and become — whoever they want to be.

“I look around AT&T and see women in leadership roles everywhere,” Chelsea said. “They serve as great examples — constantly mentoring and networking with other women. Through the Women of AT&T, for example, I’ve attended seminars, participated in Mentoring Circles and attended networking events with some amazing AT&T women. I’ve built lasting relationships with many, and I love it.”

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